Interview Coaching

Usually You Get Just One Chance!

Your Great CV Got You in the Door!


During your job interview, you will often face a variety of challenges that can make the entire process of it all seem more daunting to you.


Are You Nervous?

Despite being normal, it can have a negative impact on your performance. I can help you stay calm and composed.


Addressing weaknesses?

The approach is to acknowledge weaknesses while emphasizing a proactive attitude towards self-improvement


Uncertainty about the questions?

Uncertain about the type of questions you will be asked or how to best answer them.


Cultural fit?

Achieving a good fit with the company’s culture can be challenging

Other challenges can also arise – such as salary negotiations, technical or specific questions, or handling behavioural or situational questions.

As a Career Consultant, I am here to help you

Greetings & Introductions

Done the right way

As unfair as it may seem, first impressions matter, so you need to be confident and assured during this process.


Your Dress & Body Language

Are You Ready?

These are 2 critical aspects to any interview and affect outcomes. Be ready through my expert guidance.


Your Research & Preparation

walking in blind can hurt you!

I will help you to focus on the company, the job role and more.


What my Interview Coaching Will Teach You

How To Prepare

Would you run a marathon without training? No, of course not! Preparation for an interview is key to getting hired. Every situation is different, and that is where I can help you prepare for that immensely important interview. 

How to Dress?

Sounds simple and uncomplicated, but sometimes it requires some thought as roles differ. First impressions are important, especially before an interview begins. Making a good, appropriate first impression is something I can help you with.

How to Relax & Banish Nerves?

It is natural to be nervous, but you cannot let nerves detract from the exemplary skills you bring to the table for that employer. By working with me, you will be able to overcome nerves and focus on what is important.

How to naturally exude confidence?

As part of my coaching process, I will ask the challenging questions. Like learning how to ride a bike, you will learn to overcome reticence and nerves and exude confidence at an interview.

What to expect?

Having to face unexpected questions or situations can make or break an interview. Coaching will prepare you for interviews so that you know what to expect.

Every coaching session is tailored to you, and these are just some of the topics I typically discuss.

Talk With an Interview Expert Today!

Let’s have a chat, complimentary and obligation free, to determine if I can help you in your endeavours to secure that dream role you really want – just message me through the button link below.

You Will Face Competition From Other Candidates

A competitive hiring process will be involved.

In an interview, it can be difficult to stand out and leave a positive impression.

You can stand out from the crowd by highlighting your unique qualities, accomplishments, and genuine interest in the role you are seeking.

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