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One of the unique hurdles for academics is the delicate balance between detail and accessibility.

Your CV needs to be comprehensive, showcasing not just your publications and grants but also your teaching philosophy, mentorship, and contributions to your field.

A strong CV must be straightforward, engaging, and catch the eye of busy recruiters or hiring managers who sift through hundreds of CVs.

Additionally, there is an evolution in the academic job market. Academics are increasingly asked to demonstrate their expertise and ability to collaborate across disciplines and present their research.

This service is not just about writing; it’s about understanding the unique language of academia, the nuances of different disciplines, and the evolving landscapes of academic institutions.

It is about positioning you not just as a candidate, but as a thought leader, an innovator, and an invaluable asset to any institution.

Your CV is more than a document; it is your academic portrait.

My Specialist Experience in the Academic Sector

I work with a wide range of academic clients, including university senior executives, directors, professors, lecturers, research experts, administrators, and PhD candidates. From astronomy to zoology, their studies cover a wide variety of topics.

Get a Professional Academic CV written by me

As a career coach with more than 15 years’ experience delivering successful CVs for clients, I understand the job hiring process.

We can work together to make your academic CV stand out.


Each academic CV is priced according to the client’s needs. I can finalise a quote after talking with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tailor a CV for different academic roles, such as research-focused positions versus teaching-focused positions?

I tailor a CV for research-focused positions by prioritizing publications, grants, and research experience, highlighting academic contributions. I emphasize methodologies, findings, and collaborations. In contrast, in teaching-focused roles, I highlight pedagogical experience, curriculum development, and student engagement methods.
This includes teaching philosophy, course evaluations, and educational advancements. I also customized the CV’s emphasis and sections to align with the specific requirements and priorities of each role.
This demonstrates a balance between research prowess and teaching excellence while aligning with the institutions mission and values.

What strategies do you use to effectively showcase a broad range of publications, conference presentations, and research projects without overwhelming the reader?

Using strategic categorization and concise descriptions, I showcase a broad range of academic achievements without overwhelming the reader. The key contributions or impacts of publications can be highlighted by grouping them according to type (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, book chapters).

As well as organizing conference presentations by topic or significance, I emphasize noteworthy venues and invited speakers. For research projects, I provide concise summaries of objectives, methodologies, and outcomes, prioritizing those most pertinent to the position being applied for.

The CV is also formatted using bullet points and subheadings to enhance readability, conveying the breadth and depth of scholarly activities.

Can you advise on how to highlight interdisciplinary research and collaborations to demonstrate versatility and the ability to work across different fields?

To effectively highlight interdisciplinary research and collaborations, I emphasize projects that bridge diverse fields, showcasing adaptability and innovation.

I demonstrate how multiple disciplines were integrated to solve complex problems or explore new avenues of investigation in each project.

I write about collaborations with researchers from various backgrounds, institutions, and sectors, underscoring the job applicant’s ability to work across disciplinary boundaries.

Additionally, describing specific contributions to interdisciplinary teams, including leadership roles, methodological innovations, and interdisciplinary insights.

Furthermore, I emphasize outcomes such as publications, grants, and impacts that demonstrate the value and success of interdisciplinary approaches. This reinforces versatility and expertise across different fields.

How do you incorporate teaching philosophy and pedagogical achievements into an academic CV?

A succinct statement outlining your core beliefs about education and its role in nurturing student growth is incorporated into your teaching philosophy.

I explain what courses you taught, how you taught them, and any innovative approaches you used in the section entitled “Teaching Experience.”

As pedagogical achievements, I present student feedback, teaching awards, or relevant curriculum materials. Quantifying impact where possible, citing improvements in student performance or engagement.

In addition, include evidence of professional development activities related to teaching, such as workshops attended, or certifications earned. Lastly, I reflect on the evolution of your teaching philosophy and how it aligns with your academic goals.

What approach do you take to ensure that non-traditional academic achievements, such as public engagement or contributions to open-source projects, are appropriately valued in an academic CV?

In the creation of an academic CV, I advocate for a comprehensive approach that encompasses traditional and non-conventional achievements. For non-conventional contributions, like public engagement or open-source contributions, I emphasize impact, relevance, and alignment with academic pursuits.

This involves clearly articulating the nature of the engagement or project, its significance within the academic community or relevant field.

It also involves any tangible accomplishments or recognitions. Additionally, I highlight transferable skills and competencies honed through these experiences, demonstrating their value in educational settings.

By contextualizing and showcasing these achievements strategically, the academic narrative is enriched, and their value is recognized.

Interview Coaching

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While an impressive CV opens doors, mastering an interview seals the deal. Interview coaching complements your polished CV by equipping you with confidence, communication finesse, and strategic insights tailored to your industry.

Elevate your candidacy from paper to person, impressing at every interaction. My expertise ensures you navigate tricky questions, highlight your strengths, and leave a lasting impression on employers.

With interview coaching, you will secure the interview but emerge as the standout candidate they remember. Maximize your chances of success by combining comprehensive CV writing with targeted interview coaching. Let us ensure your professional journey reaches its full potential.

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