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Are You Looking For a New Job or Career Change?

Then You Will Need to Submit a Professional CV!

Seeking a new job is stressful for many people for all sorts of reasons:

It's years since you last had to prepare or write out a CV?

You are unsure what format to use for your CV, what to include or not, how to keep it concise and so many other hurdles.

Are You concerned about being nervous or shy at interviews?

Having a great CV to rely and expand upon verbally breeds confidence to assist you in the interview process.

Lots of Your recent applications have been unsuccessful?

It maybe time to go back to basics and consider whether your CV is up to the task – have you just used a spray-and-pray approach?.

Finding it difficult to articulate your career achievements effectively?

You are not alone, as lots of people hit a hurdle in articulating in writing what actually matters for the job application-we can help!

As an Experienced Career Consultant, I Can Help You

With my knowledge and experience, I can help you by presenting a captivating CV that showcases your skills, aptitudes and attributes.

I understand the importance of using authentic vocabulary and ensuring compliance with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to increase your visibility during the job search process.

I aim to ensure that your CV passes through the automated screening systems used by recruiters and HR departments by aligning your achievements with your career goals.

By us both working together, I can craft a compelling CV that will grab the attention of potential employers and open doors to new opportunities.

In addition, I can provide you with helpful tips and hints to enhance your job search and career development skills.

Using my CV writing and interview coaching skills, I will help you to showcase your skills, knowledge, and experience to potential employers.

Together, we can ensure that your CV stands out in a crowded job market, significantly increasing your chances of securing the job of your dreams.

My Career Consultancy Services

I help you by focusing on the written and in person skills that are necessary to secure that job or advance your career.



CV Service

I help you with your CV itself, your cover letter and LinkedIn profile – all to get results.



Interview Coaching

I can help you be prepared for the interview and also to know what to expect.



Leadership-Executive Coaching 

Your sounding board for addressing your challenges to enable you to be effective & productive.

Your Career Consultant

Why Choose Me?

Hi. my name is Constance Johnson ….Different people in different situations have different needs and we tailor our programmes accordingly. Sometimes we recommend that a client gets additional data to inform the coaching programme, such as feedback from colleagues or psychometric profiles. Our clients usually ask us to obtain this information on their behalf. Check Out my “About Page” to learn more……

Client satisfaction:

I value my clients and strive to provide them with the best service possible.
I always aim to create a positive experience for them.

20 years HR experience


I value professionalism and conduct my business in a professional manner by maintaining high standards in my work and strive to deliver quality results.

Training: Degree in Counselling / 2004


I strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in my work for any client and I always seek to uphold the trust that my clients place in me by hiring me.

Degree: BAC / Social Sciences Honours Degree / 2009

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I am an accredited CV writer with the British Association of CV Writers (BACVW)

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